Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What tooo dooooo?

Sooooooooo. Don't really know what I want to do with this blog. I was thinking like... Progress of me and my friends, reviews of different parts, tutorials on bike maintenance?  Any input?


  1. The one listed below, a custom complete deluxe,dk social cranks, dk pedals, dk front and back hub, sun rhyno lite rims, tree branch bars, edwin grips, dk seat and post, mosh wood grain topload stem, mosh pinwheel sprocket, the brand of my forks is unknown im thinking they might be from a stock bike. I also own a crappy diamondback Grind. My friends got a Fly Pantera frame witttthhhhhhh dk crazy 8 bars, stolen money grips, odyssey JC PC pedals, odyssey dirt classic forks, G-sport Ratchet back hub, Fit DLT stem. thats all i can remember as of right now :/

  2. Tutorials/reviews would be nice. Hmm, actually that all sounds good.. just blog about things you enjoy as well. :)which I can see is definately bmx. xD

  3. :D i guess ill start out reviewing the stuff I have, once i get my new bike put together and ride it for a bit :D

  4. Make an entry about climate change lol

  5. I am the friend with the Pantera frame. This build consists of essentially all of my favorite parts. It's my dream bike. The best part about working at a bike shop is getting all my parts at cost. My current set-up is as follows:

    Frame: Fly Pantera 21"
    Fork: Odyssey Race
    Bars: Fly Pantera
    Seat: Volume Pivotal
    Stem: Fly Alta
    Headset: Odyssey
    Grips: Fly Fino
    Sprocket: Fly 28t
    Cranks: Profile 175mm
    Pedals: Odyssey JC PC
    Chain: KHE Hollow Pin Half Link
    Rear Rim: Alienation Runaway
    Rear Hub: GSport Ratchet 9t
    Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter (folding 2.1")
    Front Rim: Alienation Deviant
    Front Hub: GSport Marmoset
    Front Tire: Fit FAF (folding 2.25")

    When I run brakes or pegs, i use:
    Lever: Ody Monolever
    Cable: Ody Slic
    Brakes: Ody Evo 2

    Pegs: Eastern Slit

    I literally just got done building this one, so I haven't spent much time on it. However, if you have any questions about a specific part, I would be happy to post a review.

  6. Edit: so i don't look stupid... he was running all those parts i listed above until like... yesterday... :P

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